R&R Finance is a blog about money. How to make the best of what money we have, save it, and spend it in a way that moves us closer to financial freedom.

I intend to do this by breaking down things relating to finance in a teachable manner.  In the financial industry, there seem to be 80% salespeople and 20% of teachers, I prefer the latter. The purpose of the site is to cover just about every topic of money, providing answers on as many questions as possible. I divide this into seven categories listed below.

  • Money Management

  • Credit

  • Real Estate

  • Taxes

  • Investing

  • Insurance

  • Retirement Planning

Behind R&R Finance

Richard Allen

"I launched the R&R Finance blog back in 2019. The original idea was just to make a site where I post things that I learn throughout my career in finance. I am studying to become a licensed Advisor and have the license certification for taxes and real estate. I figured with a blog I could benefit others at the same time on specific things with finance that may not be well known or taught. The overall mission in life is very simple: to make a lasting positive impact on as many lives as possible, especially when it comes to their finances. 

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