30 Day Challenge

No matter the time, it’s always good to give our finances a makeover for the better. For the next 30 days, we are going to tackle some challenges everyone should implement in their day to day finances. 

Now, this 30-day challenge isn't the challenge a day kind. This style is simply meant to inspire a difference in your thoughts, attitudes, and behavior of finance. Hopefully, after doing these challenges for one month they carry over in your behavior. One of the best feelings I have is when I give to someone, regardless of whether I think they need it or not, doing nice things is contagious. That's what inspired these challenges because at the end of the day we shouldn't love money but what it allows us access too.

In the next 30 days, try to complete any/or all the challenges below and after reflecting back on them either later that day or at the end of the month let us know if they helped create a change in your nature.


Here’s what's planned for the 30 Day Money Challenge:

Challenge 1: Write what financial freedom means for you

Make notes, vision board, or anything to visualize your manifestations

Challenge 2: Set goals you can achieve

Create a plan to pay off short term debts 

Challenge 3: Enjoy no spending days

Take some time to go out and do activities that don't require money

Challenge 4: Go on a spending fast

Spend only on what's needed

Challenge 5: Stop using credit cards

Only carry cash, once it's gone it's gone

Challenge 6: Do a random act of kindness

Buy someone some flowers, candy, anything!

Challenge 7: Sell something you don't use

Make a profit off your clutter

Challenge 8: Track all that you spend

Allocate every dollar and it's worth

Challenge 9: Save for an exciting outing after completing challenges

Do something from your bucket list or that gives you joy

If you have any other recommendations of challenges to go along here please reach out!